• Miscellaneous Publications:
  1.  New Thought for New Millennium, (with C.Y. Wu) in Nano World: New Opportunity for University, (ed. C.Y. Wu), NCTU university press, 2001
  2. Three-Dimensional Computer Vision: Segmenting Scenes into Surfaces (with Azriel Rosenfeld)IEEE ElectroTechnology Review pp.20-21, 1984.
  • Book Chapters:
  1.  An Activity-Oriented Approach to Designing User Interface for Digital Television.(with S.S. Hsu, M H Wen) Interactive Digital Television: technologies and applications,(ed. George Lekakos, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos), IDEA Group Publishing(2006)
  2.  On the Motion Problem of a Rigid Planar Patch and its Invariance. Lecture Notes In Computer Science: Recent Developments in Computer Vision, pp 149- 158, Vol. 1035, (ed. S.Z. Lee), Springer-Verlag (1995)
  3.  Using hightlights to constrain object size and location, pp. 292-297,(with P.Thrift),Physics-Based Vision Principles and Practice: Shape Recovery, (ed. G.E. Healy, S.A. Shafer and L.B.Wolff), Jones and Bartlett Publishers (1992)
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  5. Improved Methods of Estimating Shape From Shading Using the Light Source Coordinate System, (with Azriel Rosenfeld), Volume 2: Digital Image Analysis (ed. R. Chellappa and A. Sawchuk), IEEE Computer Society (1985).
  • Invited Speeches &Talks
  1.  Keynote Speaker: ”Toward Great Research: Computer Vision” The 21th IPPR Conference On Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing, August, 2008,Ilan, Taiwan
  • Paper Cited by Hundreds
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